Ladies Dig That Sweaty Scent

Pheromones play an active role in the courtship processes that span the animal kingdom, and presuming that humanity is a part of that kingdom, it would only make sense that it could play some role — even if miniscule — in human mating as well.

It seems that recent research agrees with this assertion.

The study conducted last year involved 48 undergraduate women who took 20 sniffs from a bottle containing androstadienone, a compound found in male perspiration and other bodily secretions.The researchers measured the women’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol and compared them to the women’s responses to a control odor. Cortisol levels in the women rose within about 15 minutes of inhaling the androstadienone scent and remained elevated for more than an hour, UC Berkeley researchers found.

They also discovered that blood pressure, heart rate and breathing increased, mood improved and sexual arousal was boosted. (Read more at: SFGate)

While previously I’d assumed the idea behind purchasing pheromones was foolish, perhaps the idea deserves some merit (any of you out there want to share your experiences?).  Androstadienone is, in fact, available commercially. In the event that you need a little more.

Gene optimizes brain power — but increases schizophrenia risk

Brilliance seems to always ride side-by-side with utter madness.

Common gene version optimizes thinking — but with a possible downside

“Three fourths of subjects studied had at least one copy of the version that results in more efficient filtering of information processed by the brain’s executive hub, the prefrontal cortex. However, the same version was also more prevalent among people who developed schizophrenia, a severe mental illness marked by delusions, hallucinations and impaired emotion that affects one percent of the population.

“We have found that DARPP-32 shapes and controls a circuit coursing between the human striatum and prefrontal cortex that affects key brain functions implicated in schizophrenia, such as motivation, working memory and reward related learning,” explained Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, M.D.

“Our results raise the question of whether a gene variant favored by evolution, that would normally confer advantage, may translate into a disadvantage if the prefrontal cortex is impaired, as in schizophrenia,” added Daniel Weinberger, M.D.”
Read more at Physorg…

So may be there’s a reason why evolution favors keeping the delusional among us.