Mnemosyne – Spaced Repetition Memorization

So, I’m back in school as a biology major. I’ve got a lot of hardwork ahead of me, and one of the methods I’m using to attempt to make sure I remember what I’ve studied, and test well is I’m using a “spaced repetition” flash card program.

Mnemosyne is open source, and thus free, but it is based off of the supermemo algorithm which Piotr Wozniak built off of legitimate memory research, which essentially found that the most efficient way to study is to rehearse things just before we forget them. So, based off of his research, he created an algorithm and memory card program to do just this.  You may learn more about Piotr, and supermemo in his wired article:

Want to Remember Everything You Learn? Surrender to this Algorithm.

So my goal this year? To be able to know my classes well enough to not even have to study for my finals. Wish me luck, I’m signed up for some hard ones.