Posit Science Brain Game Reviews

Because of the fact that my review of Lumosity is one of my most popular posts right now, I’ve begun to look into other “brain game” products that are engineered for increasing working memory, etc. One of the popular (and pricey) ones is the Posit Science Brain Training products. Here’s a few reviews I grabbed from their website. The actual links take you to the testimonial page with video.

"I'm not usually that good of a softball player…"
"I noticed something out of the corner of my eye…"
"She's become more the mom that I remember from growing up."
"I had no training in computers before I started and found I didn't need it…"
"Now I'm almost finished going through the program the second time…"
"After I took the exercises I realized that I really improved…"
"It's like I've walked out of a fog…"
"We baby boomers think of ourselves as forever young…"
"We as a family needed Ryan back and we got Ryan back…"
"I could remember a whole lotta things I couldn't remember before…"
"I was astonished to find that I have dramatically better vision and focus when I drive in the dark…"
"Doing InSight has been really rewarding for me…"
"InSight saved my life…"
"I like that with DriveSharp you only need to train 20 minutes at a time."