Software for Learning Languages: ming-a-ling, languagebob, antconc & more

You may be interested in these websites/programs/information intended for language acquisition:

  • ming-a-ling (firefox addon) – Helps you learn the vocabulary of a foreign language. You add words and phrases in your language, and when they appear on the pages you visit, they’re replaced by Google’s translation into the foreign language. Hover your cursor over a translated phrase and a tooltip will popup that tells you the original.
  • LanguageBob (firefox addon) – Very similar to ming-aling. Maybe identical? “Browse the Internet as normal and LanguageBob will drip-feed you the language. Let your Internet-time double as language-learning time.”
  • The Polyglot Project – A library of foreign language content for you to work with, starting with classic literature from all over the world.“We’ve made it easier for you to immerse yourself by building a translation tool that will help you learn new vocabulary without interrupting your reading flow. Just double click on a word and the English translation will briefly appear and then get out of your way so you can keep reading (and you won’t need a dictionary in your hand or another browser window slowing you down).”
  • speech accent archive
  • Learn Any Language Wiki – Unofficial offshoot of the learnanylanguage forum. Also has an IRC channel #learnanylanguage on
  • Amhrán is Fiche“On Amhrán is Fiche (“Twenty-one Songs”), three well-known singers from three different Gaeltachts sing twenty-one favourite songs. Follow the bouncing ball in this karaoke-style program. Listen to the singers, and then play the songs without voice so that you can sing them yourself. Printable versions of the lyrics, on-screen English translations and sample lesson plans based on the songs are also available. The CD can also be played as music CD in a normal CD player.”
  • Wiktionary’s Frequency Lists
  • AntConc – AntConc is software for creating a concordance from a body of text. Basically, make your own frequency lists from text you want to learn.
  • This javascript applet also appears to do something similar to what antconc does.

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