Verbal Abuse Proven to Cause Anxiety and Depression

Science blog had another great article talking about a new study that is showing that verbal abuse is highly-correlated with anxiety and depression in adult-life. It does this through means of habituating self-critical thoughts.

Little clip:

“People who were verbally abused had 1.6 times as many symptoms of depression and anxiety as those who had not been verbally abused and were twice as likely to have suffered a mood or anxiety disorder over their lifetime, according to psychology Professor Natalie Sachs-Ericsson, the study’s lead author.”
Check out the article, AND digg it.

3 thoughts on “Verbal Abuse Proven to Cause Anxiety and Depression

  1. Yeah, well things that seem like they should be intuitively obvious arn’t always scientifically proven. I’ve met people that think verbal abuse is the most powerful form of motivation for a child. ;-)

  2. Love it, with obvious implications or “conclusions of quantifiable reason to which one could jump”


    “It really does matter, what we choose to do and how we treat others. It shapes the reality of others.” -Squeaks

    “Or maybe, we should ignore this and just not care, cause it really doesn’t matter.” -NotSqueaks

    “Or does it? Maybe I need to read this a few more times and write more logic about it to make it make sense, or dollars, or better fit with my sensible life of making dollars, not cares.” -NotSqueaks

    “Who really gives a rat’s ass?” -NotSqueaks

    This has been a public service announcement of the four types of comment personalities, of whom I dutifully represent. See how much time and typing that saved everyone?

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