Posterior Medial Prefrontal Cortex Modulating Conformity

When Transcranial Electromagnetic Stimulation (TMS) was used to inhibit the activity of the neurons in the posterior medial frontal cortex, the participants did not change their ratings of the photographs so they were more in line with the rest of the group.
Dr Klucharev believes this part of the brain is responsible for generating an “error” signal when individuals deviate from the group opinion, triggering a cascade that leads them to conform with the group view.
He said: “What if that mechanism could be suspended for a time? The group who were exposed to the TMS changed their views to a much lesser extent – they were immune to ‘group pressure’.
“Individuals differ in the strength of the error signal – which is why some people are more conformist than others. It also tells us that conformity is a rather automatic process that is based on an old evolutionary mechanism.”

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